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Dale Van SteenisWelcome to Leadership Strategies, a cluster ministry designed to equip the whole estate of man. We have found that just helping people socially with food or medicine is not enough by itself. The same is also true with teaching and preaching. All are needed, both the spiritual and physical, to successfully minister life to poor and needy people who live in poverty conditions.

To send help from its source to the point of need requires leaders and resources. Everything in church work at every level depends on leadership. Not some things. Everything! The heart of LSI's ministry is to raise up leaders. We train church leaders with books, seminars, tapes, videos, and scholarships to training centers.

About LSI

Through out the ministry of Dale Van Steenis, he has been involved in some type of leadership position. Or, he has been postured to affect top church leaders in a number of nations.


Out of those experiances and heart for leaders, LSI was founded in 1985. Many queries were coming from third world church leaders for teaching and training.


The need in the West is the same. Many leaders said they were willing and able to evangelize in their own country. The help they repeatedly requested, and continue to request, is for training and leadership development. LSI was birthed to address those needs.

Dales Updates 2016

August 6, 2016
Grace and peace to our friends across the world! May the awareness of His presence be with you day and night. You are a kingdom person with kingdom rights and responsibilities. His presence is the force, the power and the person who enables us to push back against every vestige of darkness and release every dimension of divine light. Press into Jesus and push back against the tide of evil in our world. You can do it. Amen!

Political situation
It goes without saying, America is in a political mess of unparalleled dimension.  There seems to be no political way out that’s easy. Prayer teamed with good political action will help but the hour is late. One wonders where the Evangelical voice is in America today? For sure there are some concerted prayer efforts. But who from the Christian community is challenging the halls of power and the political structures in either party? For the most part, the media is overcome with deceitful politicians, loose lipped news readers, and editors so biased that if truth bit their backsides they would deem it a mosquito bite. May I offer a simple “to do” in the light of our situation? It is a reading list that should help develop some perspective as well as suggest some solutions.


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